Key verses from the Scripture

  • Jairus’ urgent request for Jesus to come and heal his little daughter who was very ill (v23)
  • Jesus went with him and a large crowd followed and pressed around Him
  • V25 – And a woman was there … ( In the midst of these large crowd of people following and pressing around Jesus – there was a woman and a woman was  
  • See, people followed for different reasons – some for entertainment (miracles which Jesus performed entertained and amused them
  • Some followed Jesus because they were healed by Him – some followed Jesus because they got free food
  • Some followed Jesus because they loved the spotlight – the attention of being around Jesus
  • Amongst all these type of people with their different reasons of following Jesus – the Bible says and there was a woman – (Who was this woman and why was she following Jesus?)  Explain her condition:
  • There was a woman who suffered for 12 years from an issue of blood – she had a condition that literally ruined her life
  • She has suffered greatly under a care of many doctors and lost her money but never got better – instead she got worse
  • Under the Law of Moses (Lev.15:19,25-27) – she was to considered unclean – anything and anyone she touches was also considered unclean
  • As a result for 12 years she could not mingle with people in public lest she cause them to be defiled

V27 –29 When the woman heard about Jesus, she came up through the crowd behind Him and touched His cloak– because she thought, “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.” 29 Immediately her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering.


NB: 3 things in verses 27-28 which turned the woman’s condition around –( I don’t want you to miss them because these 3 things can also turn your condition around no matter what it


(i)        She heard about Jesus

  • In her condition – in her sickness of 12 years for the first time she heard about Jesus

– you see there is an aspect of hearing that changed her life

  • Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God – when she heard about Jesus her faith was stirred up – she knew in her spirit that something wonderful was about to happen
  • According to the Amplified Bible – it was not just hearing of the name Jesus – she did not just hear that Jesus was in town and passing through – BUT SHE HEARD


  • Heard about what Jesus did in Samaria – heard about how he raised Lazarus from the dead – heard about how he healed the 10 lepers – how he restored sight to the blind

(Bartemaues) – how he cursed out demons from people

  • These testimonies/reports about Jesus stirred up her faith and she believed if He did it for other He surely can do it for me
  • NB: I don’t know about you – which reports did you hear about Jesus – Look at your condition and compare it with the reports/testimonies you heard about Jesus
  • Surely if Jesus healed others He can heal you too, no matter what you are suffering from – if Jesus supplied others’ needs according to His riches in glory – He can supply your needs too


  (ii)       She came up through the crowd behind Jesus

  • This woman demonstrated great courage – there were two things standing between her and Jesus – two things standing between her and her miracle – the Law and the crowd
  • According to the law she was unclean – for starters she was not supposed to be in public and touching people because she was going to defile them
  • Number two there was this crowd of people around Jesus making it difficult for her to talk to Jesus
  • I like the courage of the woman – she did not care what the law says and she pushed and elbowed her way through the crowd towards Jesus
  • I don’t know what is standing between you and your breakthrough – but I can tell you this morning there is no easy way to your breakthrough –
  • You need to push and elbow your way through to Jesus – if you want your healing – if you want your condition to change – you need to close your ears and your eyes to those things and words which will discourage you and push your way through
  • NB: Our greatest battle is just before our breakthrough – just 5 minutes to your breakthrough that is when you will face your greatest challenge
  • That is where you are tempted to pull over and give up – that is when you begin to say other drivers – even huge trucks have pulled over – who I am to still remain on the road
  • It is when you begin to hear and pay attention to voices that tell you to give up

 (iii)      She touched His garment

  • When she was near enough to Jesus – after she had pushed her way through the crowds – she stretched out her weak trembling hand and touched His garment           Because she thought “If I only touch His garment I will be healed.
  • NB: This was not just another touch – it was not just an ordinary touch – according to

Bible commentary – the “touch” in this verse means “ to cling to, to hold onto”

  • The woman thought: If I can only cling onto – if I can only hold onto His garment – I will be healed.”
  • I will never leave His garment until I am healed – until something happens to change my condition
  • I am reminded of the story in Genesis 32 ( Jacob Wrestles with God – tell the story)
  • Hold on unto God – do not lose hope – do not give up – something is about to happen
  • Something else in verse 28: The Bible says she thought “ If I only touch His garment I will be healed”
  • According to the Berean Study Bible – it was not just a thought – it was not just something that she kept inside of herself –
  • The Berean Study Bible translation says – she kept on saying “If I only touch His garment, I will be healed”.
  • The key to keeping her faith alive and never loosing hope was that this woman consistently kept on saying “I will be healed”.
  • She did not say it once – she did not say it twice – she did not say it sometimes –

BUT she kept on saying “If only touch His garment I will be healed”.

  • The more you confess your healing – irrespective of what you are feeling or what you see on the sick note – you will be healed
  • The more you confess your breakthrough or the solution to your problem – irrespective of what you see with your eyes – the solution will come
  • You faith will touch God


  • And a woman was there – among the people who followed Jesus and was pressing around Him
  • Among the multitudes with different needs and reasons for being around Jesus and following Jesus – a woman was there
  • The reason for her to be there – was that she had a condition – a condition that needed supernatural intervention
  • Vv30- 34 – After the woman touched/ held on to His garment – power came out of Jesus and she was healed on the spot
  • Jesus realized that power had gone out of Him and he asked “ Who touched me” – tell the story
  • The raising of Jairus daughter – Talitha Khoum – little daughter arise –
  • He can do it to you – This is the report – He healed woman with the flow of blood – He can heal you
  • He raised Jairus daughter – He can raise you up –


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